Streamline your DHL Local and International shipments to Break Bulk Express (BBX) shipping.

Experience the transformative power of automated data flow and bid farewell to data entry.

Shipn integrates your pre-negotiated DHL rates with a robust tracking system and links seamlessly to your ERP or accounting infrastructure offering exceptional control over your logistics.


Seamless integration with your ERP and
Accounting systems.

The platform is optimised for these verticals.







Customer success stories

One of the leading distributors of hydraulic equipment in the UK increases efficiency 10x with shipn integrated with their ERP system.

M.A. Ford Europe has been at the cutting edge of tooling design and manufacture for more than 25 years. shipn streamlined a complicated process.


Comprehensive technical support to get the maximum out of your shipping agreement with DHL.

We're fanatical about support and work daily to enhance the platform. Our goal is to simplify your tasks with new features and offer more courier choices.