Streamline Your Local and International Shipments with Shipn.

Bid farewell to the hassles of order entry, address entry, customer data entry, and logging into multiple courier platforms.

“If an order has only one item line, Shipn saves us a couple of minutes per order. However, it's the orders with multiple item lines or combined shipments where Shipn really saves us the most time, often at least 10 minutes each."

Scott Hepburn
Head of Shipping Dept.
White House Products Ltd

Who is Shipn for?

The platform is optimised for these sectors.





Benefits to Your Business

Maximises cost-efficiency by utilising the rates you've already negotiated.

Saves time and money by automating dataflow between Shipn & accounts/ERP/CRM.

Reduces storage costs and customs charges, enhancing overall efficiency.

Paperless system, contributing to a greener and more efficient workflow.

Unified platform for domestic and international shipments offers greater convenience.

Offers improved customer satisfaction with automated tracking updates.


One of the leading distributors of hydraulic equipment in the UK increases efficiency 10x with Shipn integrated with their ERP system.

M.A. Ford Europe has been at the cutting edge of tooling design and manufacture for more than 25 years. Shipn streamlined a complicated process.


We're fanatical about support and work daily to enhance the platform.

Our goal is to simplify your tasks and processes with new features and offer more courier choices.