If we don't add value and create efficiencies in your business processes, you're free to cancel at any time.

There are no hidden costs, contractual obligations, or user limits. With shipn, you only pay for the orders you ship. Your team gets full access with no credit card required. Simply register, add your courier details, and start creating shipments.

Monthly subscription Not required, free to register.
Per standard or child shipment fee £0.25 (when using your carrier rates)
Shipments per month Unlimited
Number of users Unlimited
Technical and integration support Unlimited
Shipping rates Pre-negotiated with your own DHL account
Local shipments Included
International shipments Included
Break Bulk Express (BBX) shipments Included
View and print labels Included
Customs reports Included
Invoices Included
Pre-alerts Included
Technical and integration support Included
Integration add-on -
  • Automatically import orders, addresses, and contacts from your ERP/Accounting/CRM system.
  • Automatically send tracking data back to your ERP/Accounting/CRM system.
Contact us to link your shipn account with your accounting, ERP, and CRM systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry.